Redlands Community Hubs

Mission Statement: To provide our Redlands and SMBI communities with information and services around health and wellbeing to help ensure we all have access to the supports we need

Please come and join us

After a very successful trial period in 2022, and an even more successful 2023, we’re pleased to announce that the Redlands Community Hubs will be continuing throughout 2024! Please see the dates and locations below. These have also now expanded to Cleveland!

Your continued input will help to direct these events to better meet the needs of the SMBI community.

We will have people from the following sectors:

Housing & Homelessness

Centrelink/Services Australia

Youth Services

Family Services

Community Support

Aged Care Services

Mental Health Services

Disability Services

Care Coordinators that can connect you with other services

For more information on various health and other support services available to SMBI residents, please visit the SMBI Health & Support Services site.

Dates and Locations 2024

Date (9:30AM – 12:30PM)Location
Wed 7th Feb 2024CWA Hall, Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 14th Feb 2024Macleay Island Community Hall
Wed 6th Mar 2024CWA Hall, Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 20th Mar 2024Russell Island Recreation Hall
Wed 3rd Apr 2024CWA Hall, Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 10th Apr 2024Macleay Island Community Hall
Wed 1st May 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 15th May 2024Russell Island Recreation Hall
Wed 5th Jun 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 12th Jun 2024Macleay Island Community Hall
Wed 3rd Jul 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 10th Jul 2024Russell Island Recreation Hall
Wed 7th Aug 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 14th Aug 2024Macleay Island Community Hall
Wed 4th Sep 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 11th Sep 2024Russell Island Recreation Hall
Wed 2nd Oct 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 9th Oct 2024Macleay Island Community Hall
Wed 6th Nov 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 13th Nov 2024Russell Island Recreation Hall
Wed 4th Dec 2024Comfort Hotel Cleveland (9-12)
Wed 11th Dec 2024Macleay Island Community Hall

For other community events across SMBI, please visit the
SMBI Community Events Calendar

For more information…

Please contact Bree Tukavkin – Redland Care Coordinator on
0411 738 159 or

Please contact Hilton Travis – SMBI.Community on
0444 525 659 or HiltonTravis@SMBI.Community

Please contact any of the Agencies, Departments, Organisations, and Service Providers in the list opposite (or below on a mobile phone).

Agencies, Departments, Organisations, and Service Providers in attendance

The list below contains some of the Agencies, Departments, Organisations, and Service Providers in attendance at the Redlands Community Hubs. More are being added as we go…

Q Shelter – For over 35 years, Q Shelter has worked as a peak body to improve housing outcomes for Queenslanders.

Applied Abilities – We were created to provide high-quality support, that enables people with Disabilities to participate within the workforce and the wider community.

BICSI – We have serviced SMBI since 1994 and are a not-for-profit and registered charitable organisation. We provide a range of services to the Islands of Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra. We have two community centres, one on Russell Island and the other on Macleay Island.

Bluecare – For nearly 70 years, Blue Care’s dedicated team has been working with Queenslanders to design and deliver the care and support you need, empowering you to live life your way.

Centre For Women – The Centre for Women & Co. is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to educate, support and empower women and their families across the Redlands and Logan region.

Footprints Community – We specialise in working with older people, those that experience disability, mental illness, as well as those who are at risk of homelessness.

headspace – We can assist young people aged 12 to 25 with mental health, general health, drug, alcohol, work and study issues. Some services are bulk-billed with a Medicare card and valid Mental Health Care Plan. We have a wide range of support available including Psychologists and Social Workers.

Ignite Healthcare – is a Registered NDIS Provider of allied health. With a network of mobile clinicians, across Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy, Ignite Healthcare makes allied healthcare accessible by coming to you! Ignite Healthcare covers Redlands Bay, Brisbane south, north and east and the islands of Macleay and Russell and soon will be providing a regular service day on both islands, for ease of therapy for NDIS, Early Intervention and Home Care Package communities.

Individualised Lifestyle Support Services – Our core business is Disability Accommodation Services, providing short term (STA) medium term (MTA), individual living options (ILO) and supported independent living (SIL).  Other services include social and community assistance, day activities and support coordination.

Metro South Health (Bayside) – Providing information and support on mental health and other health-related issues.

Micah Projects – we assist individuals and families if you are homeless or could lose your tenancy, are unsafe due to family & domestic violence, experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting, are a young woman who is pregnant and/or parenting, are living with a mental illness and need support with housing or social connections, or are in crisis and need support.

NDIS – We’re here to help introduce you to and help you navigate NDIS.

OnSide – The team at OnSide are NDIS experts, here to maximise your plan. We are dedicated Support Coordinators and exist to provide you with the support you need to achieve your specific goals. Our sole purpose is to ensure you thrive. No competing agendas, no conflicting priorities. At OnSide, it’s all about you.

Relationships Australia Qld – We can provide support for gambling addiction, relationships, LGBTQI, Senior Financial Protection and more.

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia – A registered NDIS provider building inclusive communities and valuing the contributions and unique talents and rights of all.

SMBI.Community – Offers community support across SMBI, as well as information and connection to other community groups, a SMBI Community Events Calendar, and information on wildlife rescue.

Standby – StandBy is Australia’s leading suicide postvention program dedicated to assisting people and communities bereaved or impacted by suicide.

Star Community Services – We provide a range of aged care services including Home Care Packages, NDIS and disability support services.

The Benevolent Society – We support Australians by offering integrated support services for children, young people, families, people with disability, older Australians and carers.

Wellways Carer Gateway – We work to improve the health, wellbeing, resilience and financial security of carers and to ensure that caring is a shared responsibility of family, community and government.

Wesley Mission Qld – Wesley Mission is a longstanding and nationally recognised provider of suicide prevention services. We launched the first Lifeline in 1963 and then Wesley LifeForce in 1995 in response to the growing number of suicides across Australia. Today, we continue to educate and empower local communities, supporting people and people groups most at risk of suicide.