Pets (and Ticks)

Pet Information

On SMBI (and in the rest of the Redland City LGA) you are required to keep your dog or cat in your property. This will greatly help in protecting our SMBI Wildlife, as well as protecting your beloved pets. Please have a read of the Redland City Council’s “About dogs and cats” page for more information on your responsibilities as a pet owner.

We have a vet on Macleay Island (associated with Manly Rd 24h Vet Hospital, Manly West) and on Russell Island (associated with Redlands Veterinary Clinic, Thornlands) and we also have VetCare2U come and do home visits on SMBI quite regularly. There also vets available on the mainland at Redland Bay (Veterinary Happiness), Victoria Point (Koala Park Vet Surgery), Underwood (Animal Emergency Service) and other locations.

Manly Road 24h Vet Hospital has an emergency transport service that operates as long as the driver is able to return to SMBI via ferry (contact details on the SMBI Wildlife page).

There is a pet shop on Macleay Island (Macleay Pets Plus) and one on Russell Island (Loveable Pets).

Contact information for the vets are found on the SMBI Wildlife page.

Paralysis Ticks

There is currently a nationwide shortage of tick antivenom, so it is ESSENTIAL that your pets are on preventives. Please read this post for some more information.

Paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) are a part of life on SMBI, and because of an increase in rainfall in recent months as well as warmer temperatures, they are more prevalent than ever.

In humans, paralysis ticks are rarely fatal, but they often cause symptoms such as redness and inflammation around the bite. Other common symptoms include headaches and fever and other flu-like symptoms, skin rashes, lymph node tenderness, unsteady gait (being unsteady on your feet), light sensitivity, and in some cases even partial facial paralysis (see this Vet Practice Mag article, or this First Aid Pro article for more information). Here is information from Health Direct – spray with an ether-based spray, this will immediately kill the tick and it will then fall off naturally. DO NOT remove the tick if you develop an allergy – leave it on, spray it and call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or Triple Zero (000).

In pets, the results can be significantly more severe and if not detected early enough, the results can be fatal. It is essential that your pets (we’re talking mostly about dogs and cats here) are on regular anti-tick medication if they ever go outside, and it is highly recommended even if they are exclusively house pets. A paralysis tick needs to be attached for around 3 days before it starts producing the neurotoxin that starts the paralysis, and if any signs are observed, urgent vet care is needed.

For some more in depth vet care information on paralysis ticks, please have a read of the following information: Bow Wow Pet Insurance, Vet Shop Australia, Sash Vets, Northside Emergency Vet Service, Manly Rd 24h Vet Hospital, and more.